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The state of Android security: Great on Oreo, but most phones are missing out

Google has released its annual report on Android security and the message is clear: The devices running the latest version of Android are among the safest you can buy. Through a combination of features such as Google Play Protect and Instant Apps, the bug bounty program, and machine learning, Google says Android 8 “has achieved a strength of protection that now leads the industry.”

That’s great news if you’re using a Pixel or have a Galaxy S9 on the way. But if you have one of the millions of phones that will never receive an Oreo update, the biggest issue with Android security is one that’s plagued the platform for a while: fragmentation. At last count, just 1 percent of Android users were running Oreo on their phones, compared to nearly 28 percent each on Nougat and Marshmallow. That means nearly 99 percent of Android phones aren’t as secure as they could be. But Google’s trying to change that narrative.

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Source: https://www.pcworld.com/article/3263784/android/the-state-of-android-security-2017.html#tk.rss_all

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Inside Google’s plan to build a smart neighborhood in Toronto

sidewalkfeat.jpgOn the Sidewalk Labs website is a 200-page document explaining its vision for a smart neighborhood in Toronto. It’s packed with illustrations that show a warm, idyllic community full of grassy parks, modular buildings and underground tunnels with del…

Source: https://www.engadget.com/2018/03/16/alphabet-google-sidewalk-labs-toronto-quayside/

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Learn how to change your gamertag on an Xbox One in just a few simple steps

It might seem tricky to change your username at first, but learning how to change your gamertag on an Xbox One is easier than it looks. Keep in mind, though, that you might have to pay to make the switch.

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Source: https://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/how-to-change-xbox-gamertag/

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Suspicious likes lead to researcher lighting up a 22,000-strong botnet on Twitter

Botnets are fascinating to me. Who creates them? What are they for? And why doesn’t someone delete them? The answers are probably less interesting than I hope, but in the meantime I like to cheer when large populations of bots are exposed. That’s what security outfit F-Secure’s Andy Patel did this week after having his curiosity piqued by a handful of strange likes on Twitter .

Curious about the origin of this little cluster of random likes, which he just happened to see roll in one after another, he noticed that the accounts in question all looked… pretty fake. Cute girl avatar, weird truncated bio (“Waiting you”; “You love it harshly”), and a shortened URL which, on inspection, led to “adult dating” sites.

So it was a couple bots designed to lure users to scammy sites. Simple enough. But after seeing that there were a few more of the same type of bot among the followers and likes of these accounts, Patel decided to go a little further down the rabbit hole.

He made a script to scan through the sketchy accounts and find ones with similarly suspicious traits. It did so for a couple days, and… behold!

This fabulous visualization shows the 22,000 accounts the script had scraped when Patel stopped it. Each of those little dots is an account, and they exhibit an interesting pattern. Here’s a close-up:

As you can see, they’re organized in a sort of hierarchical fashion, a hub-and-spoke design where they all follow one central node, which is itself connected to other central nodes.

I picked a few at random to check and they all turned out to be exactly as expected. Racy profile pic, random retweets, a couple strange original ones, and the obligatory come-hither bio link (“Do you like it gently? Come in! 💚💚💚”). Warning, they’re NSFW.

Patel continued his analysis and found that far from being some botnet-come-lately, some of these accounts — and by some I mean thousands and thousands! — are years old. A handful are about to hit a decade!

The most likely explanation is a slowly growing botnet owned and operated by a single entity that, in aggregate, drives enough traffic to justify itself — yet doesn’t attract enough attention to get rolled up.

But on that account I’m troubled. Why is it that a single savvy security guy can uncover a giant botnet with, essentially, the work of an afternoon, but Twitter has failed to detect it for going on ten years? Considering how obvious bot spam like this is, and how easily a tool or script can be made that walks the connections and finds near-identical spurious accounts, one wonders how hard Twitter can actually be looking.

That said, I don’t want to be ungenerous. It’s a hard problem, and the company is also dealing with the thousands and thousands (maybe millions) that get created every day. And technically bots aren’t against the terms of service, although at some point they probably tip over into nuisance territory. I suppose we should be happy that the problem isn’t any worse than it is.

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Source: https://techcrunch.com/2018/03/16/suspicious-likes-lead-to-researcher-lighting-up-a-22000-strong-botnet-on-twitter/

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Mozilla Working on Getting Rid of In-Page Popups

news-mozilla-popup-featured.jpgYou’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who enjoys popups ads on websites. But even more annoying lately than popup ads are the in-page popups. These are controlled by CSS and javascript and they can’t be blocked by ad-blocker. The great news is Mozilla wants to help eliminate those or at least provide something in the Firefox browser that makes it easier to work around them so that they’re not glaring you in the face, blocking the text you’re trying to read. What Are In-Page Popups? Are you wondering what distinguishes the pop-up as an in-page popup? These are the popups that have something to do… Read more

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Source: https://www.maketecheasier.com/mozilla-in-page-popups/

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Microsoft wants to force Windows 10 Mail users to use Edge for email links

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Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Is Getting Taller While It Is Shrinking, It Is Also Changing Colors To Orange