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Peter Dinklage sure makes it sound like Tyrion will die in ‘Game of Thrones’


Fellow watchers on the wall, we must now add one more beloved Game of Thrones character to the endless list of potential and devastating deaths in the upcoming final season.

And while just about every character should be on that list, the Emmy-award winning Peter Dinklage just added fuel to the fire in support of Tyrion Lannister not making the much shorter list of survivors from the battles to come.

In a recent and rare interview with Vulture to promote his starring role in the new HBO film My Dinner with Hervé, Dinklage did what his character does best: delivered some foreboding yet wise words on the bleak future that lies ahead. Read more…

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AT&T will launch another streaming service in 2019, with HBO and other WarnerMedia content


AT&T will launch a new direct-to-consumer streaming service next year, the company announced today. Yes, another one. AT&T currently already operates cord cutter-friendly streaming services DirecTV Now and the low-cost WatchTV, but its new service will be focused on WarnerMedia properties, including HBO.

The move follows AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner, which completed this past June. That means AT&T also now operates Time Warner’s streaming services HBO GO, for pay TV viewers, and HBO NOW, for cord cutters.

The upcoming, subscription-based service will include all of WarnerMedia’s properties, like HBO plus WarnerMedia’s other TV and movie franchises, as well as third-party licensed content.

And unlike DirecTV Now and Watch TV, the focus is not on streaming live TV, but on-demand content.

In that way, it’s being positioned more as a Netflix competitor, or even a rival to Disney’s upcoming streaming service, also due in 2019.

WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey discussed the service on stage at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit on Wednesday, but didn’t confirm its pricing or even what titles, specifically, would be included.

However, as CNBC noted, the company owns many major media brands like “Harry Potter,” “Batman,” and shows from cable TV networks like CNN, TNT, and TBS.

The service will cost more than HBO NOW, Variety also reports, and will be competitive in terms of content spend with Netflix. Currently, Warner Media spends $2.5 million to Netflix’s $8 billion on content, its report said.

In a statement, Stankey confirmed the new service would arrive in the fourth quarter of 2019.

“This is another benefit of the AT&T/Time Warner merger, and we are committed to launching a compelling and competitive product that will serve as a complement to our existing businesses and help us to expand our reach by offering a new choice for entertainment with the WarnerMedia collection of films, television series, libraries, documentaries and animation loved by consumers around the world,” Stankey said.

“We expect to create such a compelling product that it will help distributors increase consumer penetration of their current packages and help us successfully reach more customers,” he added.

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A missing character is returning to ‘Game of Thrones’ for the final season


Are you sick of feeling ghosted by Ghost, Jon Snow’s faithful direwolf who was very much absent all of last season?

Fret not. Ghost is returning for the final season of Game of Thrones. The show’s VFX supervisor Joe Bauer has said the albino beast will be “very present” in Season Eight. 

“Oh, you’ll see him again. He has a fair amount of screen time in Season Eight,” Bauer told Huffington Post. “He’s very present and does some pretty cool things in Season Eight.”

According to Bauer, they did shoot one scene with Ghost in Season Seven, which ended up being cut. The scene featured Jon Snow telling his wolf to take care of Sansa as he was leaving Winterfell.  Read more…

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Breaking Bad 10th Anniversary 5-Album Box Set Due in November

It’s hard to believe it’s been a decade since Breaking Bad introduced us to renegade high school science teacher Walter White. To celebrate the anniversary of the 16-time Emmy-winning series’ 2008 debut, a limited-edition (5,000 copies) 5-disc vinyl-only box set is coming on 11/30 packed with all your favorite songs from the drug-dealing drama, plus … More »

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Mister Rogers: Who was the beloved American broadcaster and how did he save children’s TV from Richard Nixon?


Softly-spoken presenter who brought wholesome values and hard truths to young audience for 33 years honoured in a Google Doodle

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