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The Walking Dead Season 9: First Image Released, Story Time-Jump Confirmed – GameSpot

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‘The Mod Squad,’ ‘Adam-12’ and how TV brought the counterculture into 1968’s cop shows


“One black, one white, one blonde” was the tagline for a new kind of cop show that premiered in 1968 on the heels of Vietnam’s bloody Tet Offensive, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, a shootout between the Black Panthers and Oakland police and the passage of the Fair Housing Act.

Source: http://www.latimes.com/la-et-st-1968-the-mod-squad-adam-12-hippies-20180420-story.html

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What The Simpsons can teach you about the art of shitposting

A scene from a 1996 episode of The Simpsons recently spawned a fresh clutch of memes across the web, shedding light on a very specific – and, for the average web user, peculiar and dubiously-named – form of online fan activity: shitposting. Like other Internet memes, shitposting involves users remixing and remaking snippets of popular culture – in this case, the “steamed hams” skit between Superintendent Chalmers and Principal Skinner – to create an original take. One user created a version auto-tuned to the 1999 song “All Star” by Smashmouth – a tune with a memetic following of its own.…

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‘Stranger Things’ creators sued over show concept


The masterminds of Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things are being sued for the idea behind their show. According to Entertainment Weekly, filmmaker Charlie Kessler claims to have shared a series idea with Matt and Ross Duffer which they then sold to Netflix.

Kessler’s idea first took the form of a short film, Montauk, which premiered in 2012 (it was publicly available on Vimeo until…while this article was being written). Two years later, he met the Duffers at the Tribeca Film Festival and pitched The Montauk Project, a series that would expand on the short (both are based on an actual conspiracy theory about psychological experiments based near the New York town). When Netflix acquired a project from the Duffers in 2015, it was called Montauk. Read more…

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