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Skype debuts Content Creator mode with features for podcasters & streamers


Microsoft has revealed that it’s updating the widely used Skype software with tools to improve call recording. The voice and video calling service isn’t getting a native recording feature, mind you, but instead is streamlining its integration with existing third-party apps like Wirecast, Xsplit, and Vmix, making it easier for streamers, vloggers, and podcast hosts to get quality recordings for … Continue reading Author:Adam Westlake #pch3lp #tech #TheNewz #TechNews source: https://www.slashgear.com/skype-debuts-content-creator-mode-with-features-for-podcasters-streamers-07526466/ Please visit our website: http://pcproactive.com
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Best Buy customer info may have been exposed in data breach


It’s been a week filled to the brim with customer security compromises, and here’s one more to add to the pile. A day after Sears, Kmart and Delta confirmed that they’d been impacted by a breach of data firm, [24]7.ai, Best Buy issued a public statement noting that it’s in the same boat.

At last count, Sears, Kmart and Delta believe that thousands of customers have potentially had data exposed. In its own statement, Best Buy seems slightly more optimistic about its own numbers, but from the sound of things, it’s still relatively early in the investigation.

“Since we were notified by [24]7.ai, we have been working to determine the extent to which Best Buy online customers’ information was affected,” the company said in the statement. “We have done that in collaboration with our third-party vendor and have notified law enforcement. As best we can tell, only a small fraction of our overall online customer population could have been caught up in this [24]7.ai incident, whether or not they used the chat function.”

Of course, a “small fraction” of the company’s overall online customer population still has the potential to be a fairly large number. According to [24]7.ai, the “cyber intrusion” occurred some time between September 27 and October 12, 2017, exposing customer payment information in the process.

The information was exposed by a piece of malware impacting [24]7.ai’s chat tool on October 12. The service says it issued an immediate fix and began an internal investigation into the source of the malicious code.

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Find out which of your Facebook friends are sharing fake news


Annoyed by the never-ending stream of fake news on social media? You can now use Facebook’s new News Feed feature to identify your friends who are sharing misleading or just plain old inaccurate news and put them back on the path of righteousness. 

The feature, launched Tuesday for U.S. users, is actually an extension of an older News Feed update Facebook has been testing since October 2017. 

If the new option has rolled out for you, it should be easy to find — as you scroll through stories in your News Feed, news stories will get a small “i” above and to the right of the headline. Tap on it, and you’ll get some additional info about this article: A bit of data about the publisher, a couple of related articles, a map showing where the article has been shared and, lastly, a list of friends who have shared the article.  Read more…

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Snap cuts 100 employees as it fights to survive


Snapchat‘s staff is disappearing. 

Snap Inc. is laying off about 100 employees, Bloomberg first reported on Thursday, in its latest step to restructure the company after aggressive hiring over the last few years. 

This round of layoffs is focused on the advertising team and comes after Snap’s decision to layoff about 120 engineers earlier in March. Snapchat also laid off 22 employees in the content department in January. 

Layoffs never look good at a company, and for Snapchat, it comes at a time when celebrities like Chrissy Teigen have abandoned the app. Teigen took issue with Snapchat’s regrettable decision to run an insensitive ad asking users to “slap Rihanna” or “punch Chris Brown.” Other high-profiles uses like Kylie Jenner and MKBHD have spoken out against the recent redesign.  Read more…

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Ford’s giant ‘car vending machine’ is now open for business in China

We first heard about Ford’s giant “car vending machine” last year. Well, it’s now open for business in China. Drivers can select a car using a smartphone app, collect it from the machine, and take it out for a test drive.

The post Ford’s giant ‘car vending machine’ is now open for business in China appeared first on Digital Trends.

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Cambridge Analytica became a US powerhouse thanks Mercer’s laundered money and a judas goat named John Bolton

After interviewing Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie and other CA sources and reviewing leaked documents, the Washington Post has pieced together the story of how the dirty-tricking electioneers worked their way Republican political circles, as billionaire founder Robert Mercer opened doors for them with other notorious GOP billionaire backers, with an able assist from newly minted national security adviser John Bolton, a notorious war-criminal with close ties to terrorist groups like MEK.

Source: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/24/war-criminal-judas-goat.html