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‘Fake’ Apollo Moon Landing Photo Claims To Show Proof The Mission Was A Hoax

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‘The Problem With Apu’ dives into the damaging effects of stereotyping


It’s 2017, and some things just won’t stand anymore. Hollywood’s twisted norms are being ripped apart, from habitually silenced sexual misconduct to blatant whitewashing and irresponsible racial representation.

The last of that delightful trifecta is the subject of The Problem With Apu, a new truTV documentary about how The Simpsons‘ breakout caricature became the bane of an entire racial diaspora’s existence.

The Problem With Apu started out as comedian Hari Kondabolu’s personal vendetta against the fictional title character. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is a recurring guest character on The Simpsons. He speaks in a thick, fabricated Indian accent, exaggerated for comedic effect by voice actor Hank Azaria.  Read more…

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Brands have no idea how to deal with being caught in a political firestorm


Coffeemaker wreckage, political pizza purchases, and erratic boycott calls flooded social media this week as major brands struggle to navigate the riptide of America’s culture wars.

Controversies like Fox News host Sean Hannity’s defense of accused sex predator and Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore and NFL player protests have once again thrust consumer companies into the middle of loud fights over charged topics like racism in America and society’s treatment of sexual assault.

Brands have responded to this activism with all the rigid conviction of an inflatable tube man at a car lot.  Read more…

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The Orbital Reflector, launching in 2018, is the world’s first space sculpture

The Orbital Reflector is a satellite that will have no commercial, military, or scientific purpose. Visible from the ground without a telescope, it will exist as a artistic endeavor orbiting the Earth for all to enjoy.

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Scientists are about to test a devastating hypothesis: 2018 will suffer a lot of big earthquakes