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Woody Allen’s actors are turning against him, and it’s about time


The chorus of voices against Woody Allen is growing louder by the day.

Over the past few months, several actors who’ve starred in Allen’s films have come forward to express their regrets – and, in some cases, announce that they’re donating their salaries to charity. That list includes multiple stars of Allen’s next movie, A Rainy Day in New York.

Even in the throes of Hollywood’s reckoning, Woody Allen has not faced the same swift and total condemnation that men like Harvey Weinstein have. 

His latest film, Wonder Wheel, hit theaters in December, and he’s already wrapped his next movie, A Rainy Day in New York, for release in 2018. On the Wonder Wheel press tour, star Kate Winslet praised the director’s “extraordinary” female roles, garnering side-eyes from some of her colleagues. Read more…

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Sharon Stone laughed for 10 seconds after a man asked if she’d ever faced sexual harassment


Let’s give it up for Sharon Stone.

There are so many ways she could have answered a question about whether she’d faced sexual harassment over the course of her 40-year career. But her default was to laugh, and then deliver an honest, frank response that basically boils down to: Yes, you silly man, of course I have.

Cannot stop watching @sharonstone’s response to being asked whether she’s ever faced sexual harassment 🔥💯🔥 pic.twitter.com/MvFR3MIPU5

— Hannah Jane Parkinson (@ladyhaja) January 15, 2018

We don’t see the lead-in question in the video, but the accompanying tweet and Stone’s response makes it clear.  Read more…

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Sleeping Woman Wakes up to Man Sexually Assaulting Her on Spirit Flight

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The ‘Lost Boys’: Hollywood producer Gary Goddard accused of sexual misconduct by 8 former child actors


To the young male actors in his retinue in Santa Barbara in the 1970s, Gary Goddard was an exalted figure. A successful former theater prodigy, Goddard returned through his 20s to direct and mentor child actors in his hometown, vowing to bring the most talented with him to Hollywood. He attracted…

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Trump’s sexually suggestive tweet on Sen. Gillibrand is the last straw. He should resign


To the editor: President Trump has had a year to grow into his position as the nation’s chief executive. Rather than use that opportunity to behave as a leader, he has instead given rein to his worst impulses and made the poorest possible choices. (“Trump slams Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a critic,…

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Trump insists sexual misconduct accusers are ‘fake news’, as Melinda McGillivray recounts her story

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren accuses Trump of slut-shaming Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

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3 Female Accusers Call for Congress to Investigate President Trump for Sexual Harassment

Three women who have accused President Trump of sexual misconduct detailed their allegations at a press conference Monday and demanded a congressional investigation to hold him accountable.

Samantha Holvey, Rachel Crooks and Jessica Leeds all appeared at a press conference Monday with Robert Greenwald, the founder of Brave New Films. Before the press conference began, Brave New Films showed a video the company had produced showing testimonials from 16 women who have alleged President Trump had sexually harassed them. Testimonies from Holvey, Crooks and Leeds were included in the film.

The three women also appeared on Megyn Kelly’s show on NBC this morning, and their stories had been publicized before. But Crooks explained that the allegations have a new meaning with the power of the #MeToo movement, which has resulted in disclosures of sexual harassment allegations that have brought down powerful men like Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein.

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Calling on Congress to put aside partisan affiliations, she urged the legislative chamber to investigate the President.

“Women have found strength in one another and the courage to come forward, leaving many powerful men to suffer the consequences of their actions,” she said. “Trump however, has escaped this path unscathed, but over a dozen women have come forward about his sexual misconduct and we have video proof of him promoting such behavior. In an objective setting, without question, a person with this record would have entered the graveyard of political aspirations never to return. Yet, here we are with that man as President.”

While the film from Brave New World detailed 16 allegations, 19 women in total have accused President Trump of sexual harassment. The White House has denied the allegations and claimed that the women who have come forward are lying. But on Sunday, United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley deviated from her colleagues in the administration and said that the accusers should be heard.

Brave New Films is an organization which has produced films on topics including the influence of the National Rifle Association and hedge fund managers who it said profited off Puerto Rico’s debt.

“There was one man who wasn’t being held accountable who wasn’t being talked about who was not being called out and that was Donald Trump,” said Greenwald of his inclination to create the film detailing the allegations. “When the person accused is the President it is vitally important we don’t turn the other way.”

Source: http://time.com/5058518/donald-trump-sexual-harassment-allegations/