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Robot assistants and a marijuana incubator

 We’ve had plenty of time to get used to our robot overlords and Boston Dynamics is helping us get there. This week we talk about the company’s addition of a door-opening arm to its SpotMini robot. It’s not spooky at all. We then switch gears and discuss Facebook’s Messenger for Kids. Is it good, bad or the company’s master plan to get every last human being with… Read More

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Source: https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/18/robot-assistants-and-a-marijuana-incubator/?ncid=rss

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Thirsty robot gets fired from supermarket job


A robot just learned dating rule numero uno the hard way: that coming on too strong inevitably leads to rejection.

Meet Fabio, a robot who was placed as a shopping assistant in the Scottish supermarket Margiotta. He was supposed to help customers find their items, as well as give price price information, and do other helpful things that supermarket employees do. 

However, it turned out that he wasn’t great at his job, according to reports. Not only could Fabio not adequately give customers the information they asked for, his programmed personality quirks ended up creeping people out. Read more…

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These robotic arms are actually bartenders


The Tipsy Robot in Las Vegas is introducing their latest bartenders—two robotic arms. They’re programmed to create your drink precisely and also mimic actions of a bartender. The company claims these robots can make 120 drinks within an hour. But if you’re not into robots, there’s also a human bar available.  Read more…

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