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Man wearing ‘MAGA’ hat, Trump shirt attacks Hispanic subway rider in New York, police say

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PHOTOS: Marijuana dispensary comes to NYC’s Fifth Avenue, just in time for 4/20


“Maybe it’s not going to be huge business today,” said Daniel Yi, a MedMen spokesman, “but we’re making a statement that this belongs here.”

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David Bowie subway takeover: official MetroCards, themed Broadway-Lafayette station


The Broadway-Lafayette station, which is just a few blocks from where Bowie used to live in Soho, has been transformed into a tribute/installation to him – and an ad for ‘David Bowie Is’ at Brooklyn Museum. They’re also selling official Bowie MTA MetroCards.

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David Bowie Metrocards Are Available in New York City


David Bowie lived in the Soho district of New York City for a good portion of his life. Currently, his sprawling and celebrated David Bowie Is exhibit, which has toured the world, is being housed at the Brooklyn Museum. The combination of these two things has resulted in the Soho subway station at Broadway-Lafayette being outfitted as…

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You won’t believe what NYC’s commute looked like on this rainy morning


The morning commute in New York City is never really easy, but with this morning’s rain storm, the inconvenient trek turned into a flooded nightmare.

A huge storm made its way into the city right around rush hour, and a flash flood warning was issued. That’s not going to stop New Yorkers from getting where they need to be. 

In case you thought ducking into a subway station would provide some relief from the rain, we regret to inform you that is not always the case. In fact, sometimes the rain is just as bad underground, if not worse, since you’re basically trapped underground and soaking wet. Read more…

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Special Weather Statement issued April 16 at 6:53AM EDT by NWS

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An area of rainfall with embedded isolated thunderstorms will be moving across the area during the morning commute. During this time, wind gusts of 40 to 50 mph will be possible. The best chance for these wind gusts will be in the time frame of 8 am to 10 am, however strong gusts will be possible at any given time this morning.