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King Tuff – “Thru The Cracks” (Feat. Jenny Lewis)

King Tuff, known to his parents as Kyle Thomas, used to make wild, wooly, riff-heavy garage rock. But on his forthcoming album The Other, he appears to be going in a completely different direction, veering instead toward woozy, expansive psychedelia and lush studio-pop. We’ve already posted his videos for “The Other,” “Psycho Star,” … More »

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#EntertainmentNews, #IndieBrew, #IndieNews, #music

Punk Legends 7 Seconds Break Up After 38 Years

7 Seconds formed in Reno, Nevada in 1980, and they’ve been together ever since, switching up lineups but never doing the breakup/reunion thing. The band’s early records were enormously important to the development of melodic hardcore and straight edge, with the band howling grand and life-affirming and unpretentious hooks without compromising their speed or ferocity. More »

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