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Nyege Nyege: the Ugandan dance collective reversing colonial culture


Techno, soukous, abstract electronics – the Nyege Nyege collective draws from the cultural melting pot of Kampala’s music scene. But unlike other European visitors, it also gives something back

The southern outskirts of Kampala are teeming with life, but head off the main strip leading to Ggaba beach and you will find Kawaku road: a quieter, wide, red and dusty street lined by a mixture of homespun shacks, open dried-up storm drains, and recently constructed villas. It’s also where you will find the home of Derek Debru, co-founder of Nyege Nyege, a collective of musicians from around the world who are turning the music scene in the Ugandan capital on its head.

“We want to showcase sounds from across the continent into one experience,” says Belgium-born Debru, a chain-smoking idealist with a wild, unkempt beard, who, along with Arlen Dilsizian – a Greek-Armenian academic with an encyclopaedic knowledge of musical ethnography – was attracted to the city by “the energy, the freedom and the easiness of the people”. Together, they have created a community in Kampala with little precedent in Africa.

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Source: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/mar/29/nyege-nyege-the-ugandan-dance-collective-reversing-colonial-culture

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YouTube Plans to ‘Frustrate and Seduce’ Users Into Paying for Music Subscriptions

b8ocsmxnbwl2pz6zvugw.jpgYouTube, the world largest video streaming platform, wants you to start paying money to watch Kendrick Lamar’s latest music video—and to force the issue, you’ll start seeing a lot more advertisements between specifically music videos.

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Source: https://gizmodo.com/youtube-plans-to-frustrate-and-seduce-users-into-paying-1823958024

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King Tuff – “Thru The Cracks” (Feat. Jenny Lewis)

King Tuff, known to his parents as Kyle Thomas, used to make wild, wooly, riff-heavy garage rock. But on his forthcoming album The Other, he appears to be going in a completely different direction, veering instead toward woozy, expansive psychedelia and lush studio-pop. We’ve already posted his videos for “The Other,” “Psycho Star,” … More »

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