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Actually, Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings show might cost over $1 billion

sdgk0tvrie7kkwsbgy1g.jpgBack in March, we reported that Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings show had already cost the online retailer $250 million just for the rights, with insiders expecting the number to jump up to “another quarter of a billion dollars” once production formally got under way, but now it looks like that already-huge estimation may…

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Actor Verne Troyer receiving ‘best care possible’ after medical emergency, friends say


Actor Verne Troyer was hospitalized Monday night after concerned friends called police about his behavior.

A message posted to Troyer’s Instagram account Tuesday said “Asking you to keep Verne in your thoughts and prayers. He’s getting the best care possible and resting comfortably. Appreciate…

Source: http://www.latimes.com/la-me-ln-troyer-hollywood-20180404-story.html

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‘Stranger Things’ creators sued over show concept


The masterminds of Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things are being sued for the idea behind their show. According to Entertainment Weekly, filmmaker Charlie Kessler claims to have shared a series idea with Matt and Ross Duffer which they then sold to Netflix.

Kessler’s idea first took the form of a short film, Montauk, which premiered in 2012 (it was publicly available on Vimeo until…while this article was being written). Two years later, he met the Duffers at the Tribeca Film Festival and pitched The Montauk Project, a series that would expand on the short (both are based on an actual conspiracy theory about psychological experiments based near the New York town). When Netflix acquired a project from the Duffers in 2015, it was called Montauk. Read more…

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