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Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst Is Directing a Movie Called Moose Starring John Travolta


Here’s news you can use: Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is returning to filmmaking to make a movie called Moose starring John Travolta. In a plot that sounds pretty similar to Martin Scorcese’s 1982 film The King of Comedy, Travolta plays a stalker named Moose whose obsessive behavior toward his favorite action star (played by Devon Sawa -…

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These kids perfectly recreated the ‘Black Panther’ character posters


As a part of the ‘Hero In Us All‘ project, several kids from the Looks Like Me talent agency were transformed into T’Challa, Nakia, W’Kabi, Killmonger, Shuri, and Ramonda. 

The initiative helped kids feel proud that they could finally embody superheroes that looked like them.


Talent Agency Looks Like Me UK
Styling by Basma Khalifa
Face painting by Nyomie McCook
Special thanks to Vine Creatives for bringing the team together Read more…

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The Big Lebowski at 20: The enduring legacy of the Coen brothers' zonked-out cult classic


In 2007, almost a decade after the release of The Big Lebowski, a book was written about the film’s legacy. Joel and Ethan Coen, the filmmakers responsible for the cult classic, contributed just one line. The tome’s first sentence, in reference to the writing of the book, reads simply: “They have neither our blessing nor our curse.”

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SGT STUBBY Trailer (Animation, 2018)

SGT. STUBBY: An American Hero tells the incredible true story of America’s most decorated dog. After being rescued off the streets by a young soldier on the eve of World War I, Stubby is given a home, a family, and the chance to embark on the adventure that would define a century…it’s a heartwarming “tail” for the entire family!

Starring Logan Lerman, Helena Bonham Carter, Gérard Depardieu

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SGT STUBBY Trailer (Animation, 2018)

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THE HUMANITY BUREAU Official Trailer (Nicolas Cage, 2018)

A dystopian thriller set in the year 2030 that sees the world in a permanent state of economic recession and facing serious environmental problems as a result of global warming.

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Harrison Ford’s Reaction To This ‘Star Wars’ Question Is Pure Harrison Ford


Harrison Ford is, once again, fresh out of f*cks to give. He’s on a farewell tour of sorts and saying whatever he pleases about his past roles. Soon we’ll be seeing someone else playing Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but that won’t make us stop picturing Ford in the role. (Would that it were so simple.) But what does Ford think about passing the torch to other Star Wars actors? He gave a blunt answer when asked by the New York Times if he viewed his tragic and meme-inspiring departure from the series as handing things off to John Boyega and the other younger actors.

“I don’t know that I thought of it that way at all. I was there to die. And I didn’t really give a rat’s ass who got my sword.”

The unequivocal quote comes from a profile of John Boyega in which Ford praises the younger actor, calling him “bold, confident and complicated, with intelligent ideas.” Ford has shown a similar fondness for many of his co-stars, offering completely useful advice like, “The natural state of an actor is to observe life around them, and now you have to figure out how to do that when all anybody’s looking at is you.” He’s also offered less useful advice, like when Oscar Isaac tried to learn more about piloting a plane from ace pilot Ford, who answered, “It’s fake… and it’s in space, so none of that applies, really.”

In the New York Times article, Ford also took a shot at his character while praising Boyega. “If he is the new replacement for Han Solo, he’s brought a uniqueness to it. I do think he’s got bigger ideas than that. And better ideas than that.”

(Via the New York Times via CBM)

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