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The FBI Busts Phantom Secure CEO for Allegedly Selling Encrypted Phones to Gangs, Drug Cartels

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How the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera changes the game of mobile photography


Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 and S9+ each have an impressive new camera lens that can intelligently switch between two different apertures to capture the best daytime and low-light photos.

You’ve probably seen how it works in that Samsung ad that got a lot of play at the Oscars. The camera takes fantastic photos in almost any lighting conditions by constricting the lens to let in more or less light. The tech makes the S9 camera work more like a “real” camera, and it might even point the way for other smartphones. Will Apple and Google and everyone else soon copy Samsung for a change?

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Samsung Galaxy S9: what’s new

 Want to know whether the Samsung Galaxy S9 is worth picking up when it arrives March 16? Good news: I’ve got 4,000 words on the matter that you can read over here. For those who don’t have the time to take all of that in, however, we’ve also put together this handy guide to the biggest new additions to the handset over last year’s S8.
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