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Videos: All-Star Lineup Comes Together For Love Rocks NYC 2018 All-Star Concert

Watch 10 highlights from Thursday’s Love Rocks NYC all-star benefit concert, which took place at The Beacon Theatre in New York City.

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Tinashe’s Long-Delayed Joyride Finally Has a Release Date


Joyride was supposed to be the title of Tinashe‘s second album: She first teased its release all the way back in 2015. But major label rollouts often fail to roll exactly as planned, and the project Tinashe wound up releasing in November 2016, Nightride, was presented as a prequel to Joyride instead.

As of this afternoon, though, the…

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Bonny Doon – “Long Wave” Video

Bonny Doon, the Michigan indie band specializing in rootsy, laconic slacker-rock, is a perfect fit for the Woodsist label. So it’s only right that Woodsist is preparing to release Bonny Doon’s second full-length album, Long Wave. (The impending return of the New York band Longwave is only a coincidence.) … More »

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Looking Back On Van Halen’s Worst Album 20 Years Later

Van Halen — the quartet of guitarist Eddie Van Halen, drummer Alex Van Halen, bassist Michael Anthony, and vocalist David Lee Roth — rose from the Southern California club-and-backyard-party scene, releasing their debut album in 1978 and becoming one of the biggest bands in the world with astonishing speed. But after the release of their … More »

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Captain Kirk, Spock, and Uhura want you to stay off hard drugs

In 1973, the National Association Of Progressive Radio Announcers released “Get Off,” a 1973 vinyl record featuring dozens of musicians delivering anti-hard drug warnings. Along with personal warnings from Grateful Dead, Alice Cooper, the Doobie Bros., BB King, Ravi Shankar, the Staple Singers, and Frank Zappa, the crew of the starship Enterprise visits a planet ravaged by hard drugs. Just say know.

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