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The New Space Race: Vladimir Putin Says Russia Will Beat US To Mars

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Trump chief of staff calls meeting to insist no one is about to be fired


John Kelly assures colleagues their jobs are safe as Sarah Sanders plays down rumors national security adviser HR McMaster is next in line to be fired

Donald Trump’s chief of staff called a sudden meeting on Friday to assure colleagues that their jobs were safe amid reports of upheaval, plummeting morale and more imminent departures from the White House.

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Source: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/mar/16/trump-john-kelly-hr-mcmaster-white-house

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Omega Labyrinth Z becomes first game banned in UK in ten years

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‘We are the forgotten people’: It’s been almost six months since Hurricane Maria, and Puerto Ricans are still dying

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Putin Has Committed Russia to a Risky Gamble

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Donald Trump’s ‘pee tape’ controversy, explained


It’s been one helluva year for Donald Trump. There’s been so much happening, from Russia to tariffs, tweetstorms and border walls, that you maybe have forgotten that huge story that showered the internet not so long ago.

I’m, honestly, so sorry.

Yes, we’re talking about that infamous Donald Trump “pee tape.” You know, that whole thing about golden showers that became a viral sensation in 2017. This has been one of the more prominent controversies, and maybe the most ludicrous, surrounding president Donald Trump before and during his term in the Oval Office. Read more…

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