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India’s cryptocurrency ban has already taken its first toll

It seems that Indian Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the central bank’s directive against cryptocurrency businesses is taking its toll already. Zebpay is disabling the deposit and withdrawal options for Indian Rupee from its platform, the company announced today. Dear User, Today we are disabling the rupee deposit and withdrawal options on the Zebpay app. This is being done in light of the bank account closures as per the RBI guideline. More details here: https://t.co/bptLZXFL7R pic.twitter.com/NEvVNHgJiP — zebpay (@zebpay) July 4, 2018 It is worth noting that this decision isn’t coming out of the blue. Zebpay asked its users to…

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Snoop Dogg surprises guests at multiple blockchain parties


The Dogg is in the house, and you better believe he’s hodling

With NYC’s Blockchain Week in high gear, the rapper best known (these days, anyway) for smoking weed and kicking it with Martha Stewart took a little detour into the heart of cryptocounty. And boy did he get around. 

A performance at a Ripple party was or particular note, with Bloomberg reporting that blood orange margaritas and champagne flowed freely.

The one and only @SnoopDogg performing live at #XRPCommunity Night! pic.twitter.com/lWHhU6s1V6

— Ripple (@Ripple) May 16, 2018 Read more…

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Third-largest cryptocurrency donates $29 million to teachers in need


You can’t say cryptocurrencies have never done anything good. 

Wednesday, education crowdfunding website DonorsChoose.org announced an enormous donation from cryptocurrency company Ripple, and its eponymous cryptocurrency ripple. The company behind the unique crypto, which has quickly risen to be the third-largest alternative currency behind ethereum and bitcoin, announced that it has donated $29 million to fund every project currently posted on DonorsChoose.

DonorsChoose allows teachers to ask for crowdfunded donations to give their classrooms books, educational technology, field trip assistance, and more. With Ripple’s donation, DonorsChoose said in a statement that all 35,000 classroom requests on the site have been funded. The donations will affect roughly 1 million students and teachers in about 1 in 5 of all American public schools. Read more…

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John Oliver helps you explain cryptocurrencies to your neighbor

 John Oliver’s main skill is that he’s usually pretty good at explaining complex and boring topics in short TV segments. And this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight is particularly relevant to the tech industry as Oliver tackled cryptocurrencies.
In just 25 minutes, the Last Week Tonight team put together a descent introduction to bitcoin, blockchain, ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Read More

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