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Third-largest cryptocurrency donates $29 million to teachers in need


You can’t say cryptocurrencies have never done anything good. 

Wednesday, education crowdfunding website DonorsChoose.org announced an enormous donation from cryptocurrency company Ripple, and its eponymous cryptocurrency ripple. The company behind the unique crypto, which has quickly risen to be the third-largest alternative currency behind ethereum and bitcoin, announced that it has donated $29 million to fund every project currently posted on DonorsChoose.

DonorsChoose allows teachers to ask for crowdfunded donations to give their classrooms books, educational technology, field trip assistance, and more. With Ripple’s donation, DonorsChoose said in a statement that all 35,000 classroom requests on the site have been funded. The donations will affect roughly 1 million students and teachers in about 1 in 5 of all American public schools. Read more…

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John Oliver helps you explain cryptocurrencies to your neighbor

 John Oliver’s main skill is that he’s usually pretty good at explaining complex and boring topics in short TV segments. And this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight is particularly relevant to the tech industry as Oliver tackled cryptocurrencies.
In just 25 minutes, the Last Week Tonight team put together a descent introduction to bitcoin, blockchain, ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Read More

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How to save your cryptocurrency from yourself and others (because the world is bleak and you’re a sloppy mess)

Quick: Think of some of the most painful crypto stories you know. Whether you are picturing this American guy who forgot his PIN, this London-based developer who lost track of a bitcoin-stuffed USB or the Welshman who accidentally threw out his hard drive containing 7,500 Bitcoin, they have one thing in common: All of them are brimming with regret. Cryptocurrencies give off the feeling that they are secure because they are decentralized, with many of them providing anonymous transactions. In reality, however, these factors don’t make them any less susceptible to human error and sloppiness. In addition to personal mistakes,…

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How to protect your website from cryptojacking attacks

In the past month more than 4000 websites, including government websites in the US and UK, such as the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), were reported to be serving the CoinHive crypto miner to its users. CoinHive crypto miner is a JavaScript script that can be installed on any website and was designed to mine cryptocurrency at the expense of its users’ CPU power. Clearly this was not the intention of any of the companies affected. Indeed, the ICO is an independent authority set up in the UK to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public…

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Cryptojacking turns your PC into a Bitcoin mine, but you won’t see a cent

Cryptojacking, the latest evolution of malware, has infected some of the largest websites on the internet. Here’s how to keep your PC from becoming a slave in a cryptocurrency mine.

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