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The bears of Alaska’s bear cam should have left the river by now. Why are they still here?


Thousands of fish are ripped to shreds along the Brooks River each July. 

With a glut of fresh salmon at their disposal, many brown bears just munch the fatty skin and brains of the fish, leaving the bright red meat for lesser bears. 

By later July, once the salmon run peters out, however, most of the bears usually vanish into the dense woods from whence they came, seeking fresher feeding grounds. 

But it’s August 1, and Katmai National Park’s Brooks River — home to explore.org‘s five live-streaming webcams — is still bustling with brown bear activity. Read more…

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Grim space photo shows the horror of demolishing forests


While orbiting some 250 miles above Madagascar this week, International Space Station astronaut Ricky Arnold captured a grim picture of the island’s decimated land. 

Madagascar’s forests have been nearly logged to death, with nearly 90 percent of its original forests destroyed in the last century, according to NASA

A striking result of this loss, captured by Arnold, is an extreme erosion of the red-tinged land into Madagascar’s rivers. Due to the decimation of the nation’s forests, there are few trees left to stabilize the barren earth, especially during rains. Read more…

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