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Are Hydrogen Cars the Next Big Thing Again?


I still think hydrogen is the right answer…when you convert hydrogen to energy, you get pure WATER as an exhaust (which could be captured and reconverted to hydrogen and oxygen to be reused).
Not just for cars…imagine power plants that create hydrogen from water using solar power (free) and then create electric power for the grid by turning that hydrogen back to water (burning or otherwise).
Where’s the pollution? Where’s the fossil fuel costs? Oh, and hey look..no fucking carbon or way to harm the environment.
I’m probably not the first to suggest this…but if I am, and you build it, you better cut me in. Just saying. The Article ‘Are Hydrogen Cars the Next Big Thing Again?’ originally appeared on http://www.thedrive.com/tech/14431/are-hydrogen-cars-the-next-big-thing-again
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Supercharged 50th Anniversary Cobra Jet Will Be The Quickest Yet

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Tesla Model 3 assembly line shut down for the second time this year

Production of Tesla’s Model 3 has been a hot topic lately. From missing production goals to Elon Musk taking control of the process himself, whether or not Tesla can eventually scale to meet its own production goals has been given a lot of focus. Today, however, we’re learning that Model 3 production has suddenly been halted, albeit temporarily. BuzzFeed News … Continue reading

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Uber launches its own car-sharing service, Uber Rent


In the same week that Uber Bike became official and a new driver app rolled out, the ride-hailing company announced Wednesday it was adding a car-sharing service on its app. 

Say hello to Uber Rent.

In a partnership with car-share startup Getaround, Uber Rent connects users to nearby cars through the Uber app. Except instead of hopping into the back seat with a driver at the wheel, you’re renting someone’s car for a short amount of time. You can sign up, reserve, and unlock a car from the Getaround platform all through the Uber app. 

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