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Butter, bacon, booze: In praise of fat-washed cocktails

bu8tfja0e37w7ac4nifw.jpgThe thought of drinking a glass of fat probably brings to mind the episode of Friends where Ross agrees to drink a hearty portion of an unspecified greasy substance in order to be forgiven by on-again, off-again, off-again girlfriend Rachel. The act as portrayed in the episode is quite disgusting. But in 2007, Don…

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BeefBot: Your Robotic Grill Master

Have you ever been too busy to attend to the proper cooking of a steak? Well, lament no more, and warn your cardiologist. A trio of students from Cornell University have designed and built the steak-grilling BeefBot to make your delicious dinner dreams a reality.

[Jonah Mittler], [Kelsey Nedd], and [Martin Herrera] — electrical and computer engineering students — are the ones you should thank for this robot-chef. It works as follows: after skewering the steak onto the robot’s prongs, BeefBot lowers it onto the grill and monitors the internal temperature in a way that only the well-seasoned grillmaster can replicate. Once a set temperature is reached, the steak is flipped — sorry, no crosshatch grillmarks here — and cooked until a desired doneness. A small screen displays the temperature if you want to babysit BeefBot — some manual adjustment may be needed after the steak flip to ensure it is cooking evenly — but it is otherwise a hands-off affair. If you don’t mind salivating over your screen, check out the project demonstration after the break.

At first glance you might think this a YouTube stunt, but this is real science. The writeup is exquisite, from the design and fabrication, to the math behind temperature calibration and regulation. Kudos to the hungry Cornell students who slaved over a hot griddle bringing this one to life!

Now that you’re thinking about dinner, but realizing your grill needs an upgrade, consider turbo charging it! Before that, however, if you keep your food in a deep-freezer, here’s a hack that will let your know if it loses power so you can save your steaks!

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Source: https://hackaday.com/2017/12/30/beefbot-your-robotic-grill-master/

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Jack in the Box Unveils Munchie Meals for California Weed Legalization

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This avocado looks like a pickle and has no pit


UK grocery chain M&S is selling stoneless avocados, also known as ‘cocktail avocado’, whose skin is edible and has no pit — so it can be consumed in one bite. Read more…

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Let Prince Harry Teach You to Make Super Crispy Bacon

rqza3o8grif7mojd0hdf.jpgAs if Prince Harry hadn’t done enough this week by flooding our timeliness with good news and elevating Meghan Markle from “who?” to real-life black princess (I know she’s gonna be a duchess, don’t @ me), he’s also brought us a trick for making extra-crispy bacon.

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