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Rosa Parks’ house seeks a home after desertion, rescue and a visit to Berlin


The house Parks moved into in 1957 was slated for demolition before an artist moved it to Germany, but as an attempt to display it in the US faces a block, a determined group of volunteers aim to rescue it

The small, tired house with peeling white paint once served as a refuge for Rosa Parks in Detroit. It has traveled across the world and back in an odyssey conceived by an artist and a Parks family member determined to preserve the civil rights activist’s legacy.

It was rescued for $500 off a demolition list, then disassembled and shipped to Germany, and was supposed to be the centerpiece of a weeks-long exhibition at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, this spring: an American homecoming amid a national conversation surrounding race, history and the value of certain monuments. Instead, the Ivy league school abruptly canceled.

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Source: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/mar/30/rosa-parks-house-seeks-a-home-after-desertion-rescue-and-a-visit-to-berlin