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The KFC Waffle Double Down is coming … but only in Canada


The KFC Waffle Double Down truly is the Pamela Anderson of fast food menu items: Something so quintessentially, obviously all-American that it comes as a shock to realize … it’s Canadian. 

Coming soon. 03.26.18pic.twitter.com/aAhtcbu6Wr

— KFC Canada (@kfc_canada) March 23, 2018

The sandwich is billed as a spin on the classic American pairing of chicken and waffles. It consists of two fried chicken fillets around a Belgian waffle – which has been drizzled with Canadian maple syrup aioli, in a nod to its unlikely country of origin. 

Since the Waffle Double Down is not available in the U.S., you’ll have to settle for feasting your eyes on this video. Read more…

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