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Is Lena Dunham’s ‘hipster racism’ just old-fashioned prejudice?


Last week, the Girls co-creator was accused by a former colleague of ‘hipster racism’. Arwa Mahdawi reports on an unwitting racism deeply embedded in popular culture

It is, by now, a familiar cycle. First Lena Dunham, the writer-actor-director best known for creating and starring in HBO’s Girls, does or says something incredibly tone-deaf and offensive. Outrage ensues and people explain to Dunham why her actions were offensive. She apologizes.

But she doesn’t seem to listen, because a few months pass and Dunham does something else offensive. And then the cycle repeats itself.

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Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/nov/25/hipster-racism-lena-dunham-prejudice