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More than 20 states are suing the FCC over its net neutrality decision

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Catfishing Scams Target Lonely Hearts. Learn How to Protect Yourself from It

Catfishing-Featured.jpgAs our social lives move onto the Internet, so do certain aspects of it. One of the major players in the online world is dating. No longer do people have to show up to meetups in order to find potential partners. Now they have an entire directory online of beautiful people to browse at their leisure. But are potential partners actually as good-looking as they appear to be? The relatively new fad of “catfishing” is where the online crush you have your heart set on may not be telling the whole truth. Due to how easy it is to fetch an image of an attractive… Read more

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Source: https://www.maketecheasier.com/catfishing-explained/

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Google Chrome extensions with 500,000 downloads found to be malicious


Enlarge (credit: ICEBRG)

Researchers have uncovered four malicious extensions with more than 500,000 combined downloads from the Google Chrome Web Store, a finding that highlights a key weakness in what’s widely considered to be the Internet’s most secure browser. Google has since removed the extensions.

Researchers from security firm ICEBRG stumbled on the find after detecting a suspicious spike in outbound network traffic coming from a customer workstation. They soon discovered it was generated by a Chrome extension called HTTP Request Header as it used the infected machine to surreptitiously visit advertising-related Web links. The researchers later discovered three other Chrome extensions—Nyoogle, Stickies, and Lite Bookmarks—that did much the same thing. ICEBRG suspects the extensions were part of a click-fraud scam that generated revenue from per-click rewards. But the researchers warned that the malicious add-ons could just as easily have been used to spy on the people or organizations who installed them.

“In this case, the inherent trust of third-party Google extensions, and accepted risk of user control over these extensions, allowed an expansive fraud campaign to succeed,” ICEBRG researchers wrote in a report published Friday. “In the hands of a sophisticated threat actor, the same tool and technique could have enabled a beachhead into target networks.”

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Source: https://arstechnica.com/?p=1245379

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YouTube tightens the rules around creator monetization and partnerships

 In an effort to regain advertisers’ trust, Google is announcing what it says are “tough but necessary” changes to YouTube monetization. For one thing, it’s setting a higher bar the YouTube Partner Program, which is what allows publishers to make money through advertising. Previously, they needed 10,000 total views to join the program. Starting today, channels also need… Read More

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Source: https://techcrunch.com/2018/01/16/youtube-tightens-rukles/?ncid=rss

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There Are So Many Flu Victims, California Hospitals Are Setting Up Emergency Tents in Their Parking Lots

gtgbdyidnkmyzdd6suwe.jpgA flu strain called H3N2 has sent thousands to emergency rooms in California—so many that hospitals are erecting tents to accommodate the all the extra patients, reports the LA Times.

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Source: https://gizmodo.com/there-are-so-many-flu-victims-california-hospitals-are-1822131757

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Amazon Prime takes the next step toward becoming a cable TV alternative

Amazon is adding a Channel Guide and live TV programming feed to its Fire TV streaming devices, which will allow Amazon Prime subscribers to browse live content on select premium channels.

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Facebook says they will clean up the Messenger app in 2018

The Facebook app has long been known as a bloated, battery killer. For a brief moment in time, the Messenger app was the exact opposite. It was clean, simple, fast, and easy to use. Over the years Facebook has added more and more “features.” Messenger is now just as bloated as the Facebook app. It has everything from games to mobile payments and the annoying Snapchat Stories rip-off.

The good news is Facebook seems to be aware that they lost their way with Messenger. Facebook highlighted six trends for 2018, one of those trends is “Simplify To Delight.” They talk about how while they raced to build new features the Messenger app became too cluttered. At a certain point “this app has everything!” switches from being a good thing to a bad thing. Facebook wants to streamline the app this year.

Personally, I’ve been using Messenger Lite for a while. It’s a super simple barebones experience. I would love to have just a couple of extra features, but it’s still better than the bloated Messenger app. If Facebook can cut some of the fat out of Messenger, I might consider switching back.

Source: https://phandroid.com/2018/01/16/facebook-messenger-simplify-2018/

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Canadian man faces criminal charges for allegedly spamming Twitch chat

A Canadian Twitch user has been brought up on criminal charges for excessively spamming the platform’s chat service with offensive messages.

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