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No more green rhetoric. A sustainable future is vital and possible


Climate change is at the heart of Labour’s industrial strategy, which means investing in green tech and renewable energy, and divesting from fossil fuels

The climate crisis is the most significant issue facing humanity. Natural disasters are already displacing entire communities. More intense droughts are leading to unprecedented levels of food insecurity and hunger across the globe. This summer saw hurricanes, floods and fires affect hundreds of millions of people from India to Niger, Haiti to Houston. The UK is also vulnerable to climate impacts, with more destructive storms, prolonged floods, and heatwaves becoming the norm.

Our climate reality is increasingly unpredictable and daunting. However, it is also opening the space to collectively reimagine a different future for the UK. Fossil fuels helped ignite the first industrial revolution, but we now know that their continued use will threaten our very existence. Within the UK we have the skills, ingenuity and people to drive the next energy revolution, powered by renewables. For us to make this change a success, our politics must have environmental sustainability and social justice at its core.

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Source: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/dec/11/no-more-green-rhetoric-sustainable-future-vital-possible-labour

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Donald Trump Jr. Might Be Subpoenaed After Dodging Russia Questions In House Probe

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Macron to award US climate scientists ‘Make Our Planet Great Again’ grants

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Sanders renews call for Trump to step down after Franken resignation

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Russia signs deal to build Egypt’s first nuclear power plant

Preview Moscow and Cairo have signed an agreement to construct Egypt’s first nuclear plant. The project will cost $21 billion and is due to be finished by 2028-2029.
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Source: https://www.rt.com/business/412727-russia-egypt-nuclear-power-plant/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

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What to Know About the Attack in New York City Today

Authorities took a man into custody Monday after an explosive device went off at New York City’s Port Authority, a major transportation hub near Times Square, injuring four people.

The suspect was among those wounded after the 7:30 a.m. blast, police and fire officials said.

Where was the attack in New York today?

The explosive device was set off at the A/C/E Port Authority subway stop, an NYPD spokesperson said. The Port Authority, a major transportation hub for New York City residents and visitors near Times Square, has been temporarily closed. Several subway lines have been rerouted or suspended in the aftermath.

What do we know about the suspect in the New York attack today?

The suspect’s identity has not yet been released and his motive is not yet clear. It’s also not yet known whether the potential bomber acted alone, or whether he was supported by terrorism groups.

Was anybody hurt in the New York attack today?

The suspect sustained a non-life-threatening injury, according to police and fire officials. His overall condition is not yet clear. A total of four people were injured from the blast but not severely, according to the New York City Fire Department.

Source: http://time.com/5058335/port-authority-times-square-explosion/

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Nobel Peace laureates: Nuclear war is ‘one tantrum away’